Ellmers to Etheridge: Defund Obama’s Lawsuit

With illegal aliens and drug gangs crossing the Mexican border into Arizona at will, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer asked Washington for help. Then, after being ignored by the federal government, Arizona tried to deal with its problems by passing a state law that mimics the federal immigration laws (that the Obama Administration was not enforcing).  President Obama’s response?  He’s got Attorney General Eric Holder suing Arizona – to stop the new law.

How whacky can Washington politics get?  Arizona passes a law to stop illegal immigrants and President Obama sues Arizona – for trying to do what the Obama administration failed to do.

Here’s a suggestion (and a challenge) to my opponent, Congressman Bob Etheridge. The Constitution gives Congress the power of the purse – so, I call on Congressman Etheridge to amend the Justice Department’s Appropriation Bill to deny funding for the Department to sue Arizona. That would stop Obama’s lawsuit dead in its tracks.

Congressman Etheridge has supported amnesty and Social Security benefits for illegal aliens. My question for him now is simple:  Do you support President Obama suing Arizona, too?

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