Linwood Gets a Grant, Etheridge Gets An Endorsement

Here’s an example of good ol’ boy politics in Washington. Bob Etheridge is now running a TV ad where several of his supporters praise him – but what the ad doesn’t explain is at least two of the Etheridge supporters received ‘Stimulus Fund’ checks, thanks to Etheridge.

Mr. Linwood Parker is an example. Mr. Parker is a partner in a development near Four Oaks and back in August Etheridge handed him a $340,000 check – stimulus funds. Now, in return Mr. Parker has endorsed Bob Etheridge in his TV ad, saying, “Congressman Etheridge did not allow politics to stand in the way of job creation.”

Of course, the fact is, Etheridge’s grant to Parker (and Parker’s endorsement) was nothing but politics.

In fourteen years in Congress, Bob Etheridge has voted to increase our debt at an average rate of eighteen thousand dollars every second of every day he’s been in office. This kind of ‘pork barrel’ spending is one reason why.

When Bob Etheridge voted for the ‘Stimulus Plan’ he promised it would create 3 million new jobs.  Instead we have lost 2 ½ million jobs. And Bob Etheridge increased our debt $340,000 – so he could win Linwood Parker’s endorsement. That’s as good an example as we can find of the kind of politics we want to put a stop to on November 2nd.

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