Today We Celebrate the Constitution

Today marks the anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution was written – in 1787 – to limit government’s power.  But, today, the United States Congress led by Nancy Pelosi, a little more than a year after President Obama took office, recognizes no check on government power and provides no balance to President Obama’s agenda.

Consider Congressman Etheridge.  Bob Etheridge voted to force every American to buy Obamacare – or pay a fine.  He voted to strip the right to a secret ballot in union elections. He voted for the DC gun ban.

He voted for amnesty for illegal immigrants, and didn’t say a word when Obama sued Arizona for trying to stop illegal immigration.

He voted to take middle class Americans’ hard-earned money and spend it to bail out Wall Street bankers.

He voted for massive government takeovers of the economy and called it a ‘Stimulus Plan.’

He voted for a trillion dollar deficit and saddled Americans with debt.

And he voted to spend millions for foreign aid which President Obama used to build mosques in Muslim nations.

King Louis XIV, the Sun King, once said, ‘The state is me.’  Obama and Etheridge have that same imperial ruling class attitude. They know what’s best.  Common sense doesn’t matter. Tradition means nothing. The Constitution means whatever they say it means. But that can end in November. This election we can have a peaceful revolution at the ballot box and restore the true meaning of the Constitution – by voting out the Obama Rubber Stamp Congressmen like Bob Etheridge.

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