Renee Receives NRA Endorsement

“The NRA-PVF ( has endorsed Renee Ellmers for Congress. It is critical that you vote for Renee Ellmers for Congress, and urge your family and friends to do the same. We need to bolster our ranks in Congress to keep this White House from pursuing an anti-gun agenda after the 2010 elections.

That’s why it’s more important than ever that we elect Renee Ellmers to Congress to help build a pro-gun firewall around our Second Amendment rights. Renee Ellmers has been endorsed by the NRA-PVF for her responses to our federal candidate questionnaire and is committed to oppose federal gun control schemes and support pro-gun reforms.

By contrast, her opponent – Congressman Bob Etheridge – has earned a “D” rating for his anti-gun record in Congress. He has voted to regulate gun shows out of business. Etheridge refused to sign the pro-gun “friend of the court” brief in the landmark Hellerand McDonald Second Amendment cases and voted against repealing the gun ban in our nation’s capital. Etheridge also voted against current federal laws preventing attempts to bankrupt the American gun industry through bogus lawsuits and allowing commercial airline pilots to be armed in the cockpit. Finally Etheridge refused to answer our federal candidate questionnaire – a clear indication of indifference if not outright hostility, to the rights of gun owners and sportsmen.

The choice is clear! All gun owners and sportsmen in North Carolina’s second congressional district should support Renee Ellmers on Election Day. If you can volunteer to help, please contact her campaign at and 252-220-0181. Also spread the word to your family, friends, and fellow gun owners. And on November 2, Vote Freedom First – Vote Renee Ellmers for Congress!”