President Obama and those in Congress who voted for the stimulus bill spent months telling us about how the bill would stimulate the economy because the money would go into “shovel ready” projects.  Now, over a year later, he has determined that “there’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects” and even admits that perhaps he should have “let the Republicans insist on the tax cuts” in the stimulus.

After spending $900 billion of our tax dollars on a plan that has resulted in higher unemployment and a weaker economy, he finally realized what those opposed to his stimulus plan told us all along — that due to government bureaucracy —  a better way to stimulate the economy is through the private sector and tax cuts.

Bob Etheridge voted for the stimulus plan and still defends his vote to this day, even as the President admits the flaws everyone else has seen with their own two eyes for almost two years.  Bob Etheridge is even in favor of an additional stimulus plan.

This is a prime example of what is wrong with Washington and why my opponent, 14 year incumbent Bob Etheridge, needs to be defeated.