Taxes and Spending

Government spending is out of control and hardworking Americans are being taxed too much to pay for it. We cannot afford for our federal government to continue spending like drunken sailors at every port of call. Spending must be reined in immediately or we will leave our grandchildren a legacy of debt. I have repeatedly voted for and will continue to support spending cuts and budgeting reforms to tackle our growing defecit and set America back on the path to prosperity.

For too many years, the government’s answer to double digit jobless rates has been more spending and higher taxes. The result has been an expansion of the already bloated federal government with additional public sector jobs, at the expense of jobs in the private sector. We cannot spend our way out of recession. Only by cutting taxes will we create an environment where the free enterprise system is allowed to flourish. I am for lower tax rates across the board and am in favor of bold, comprehensive tax reform. We must cut taxes and cut spending NOW.

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